Range Rules

Range Rules

  1. No alcohol permitted
  2. Keep actions OPEN at ALL TIMES
  3. Eye & Ear protection are REQUIRED at ALL TIMES
  4. No shot size larger than 7 ½. (7 ½, 8, or 9 shot ONLY)
  5. No tactical or home defense style firearms (Minimum barrel length of 24” and MUST have a full length stock)
  6. Load ONLY in designated shooting stations with the muzzle pointed downrange
  7. Load no more than 2 shells at a time
  8. Be sure action is OPEN and gun is EMPTY before turning around and exiting the station
  9. If you have a misfire, keep muzzle pointed downrange for AT LEAST 5 SECONDS before attempting to clear it
  10. Do NOT attempt to repair any machines or equipment
  11. Must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license to drive any vehicle or golf cart
  12. Any reckless or unsafe driving is prohibited (No Refunds)
  13. Damage to Quail Ridge property is the FULL responsibility of the CUSTOMER
  14. Quail Ridge is not liable for any loss, damage, or theft of personal property

What to Bring

  • Gun (required)
  • Ammo
  • Safety Glasses (required)
  • Ear Protection (required)
  • Range Bag
  • Shell Bags
  • Shot Gun Sleeves